Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Who Doesn't Love an Outdoor Shower?

Showering outside means Summer is here!  It reminds me of my time at the beach when life was much simpler and it didn't phase me that I was yards away from busy coastal highway in my birthday suit behind a mere 4 foot high enclosure.  And, now, what better way to clean up after a day at the pool or on the sand volleyball court and the dog's romp in the river? So, we've decided to work a shower into our backyard - only, this time, with a bit more privacy and no major highway adjacent to it.

Here's my inspiration....

Shingle-sided, out-building and one-by corner trim with shower stall attached.

Shingle siding.  I can't decide whether or not to include pergola .
Louvered shower doors?  Something to think about. 
This shower fixture is out of our budget range but I love the beachy props.
There are the louvers again.
I like the white against the grey shingles and the boat oars.
The rustic, weathered version.
We've been considering our options for the concrete pad off the backyard side of the garage where a small covered shelter has seen it's last days and needs to come down soon before it falls down.  Right now, we are using it for garage overflow.  My future furniture projects are taking over and I need to swap them into the garage and move the boat bar out of the garage and into the backyard.  So, we've decided to rebuild the shelter but close it in with beachy shingle siding on two sides and screening on the third side.  The bar will reside under the enclosure.  The shower will flank the outside edge (one of the closed sides) of the enclosure, toward our side property line - offering privacy from both our house and our neighbor's.

The enclosure style for the boat bar will be Martha's vineyard meets boathouse tiki bar.  Huh?  I hope this works as well as I'm imagining.  Cedar-look shingle siding, stainless corrogated roofing, and simple one-by corner and window trim for the bar enclosure.  Cedar fencing panels or shingle siding to match the bar enclosure and composite decking for the shower.  I'm still working out the material details but I'm shooting to achieve something similar to my inspiration photos.

There's nothing like having many projects in progress simultaneously.  I can't wait to start finishing some of them.

~ Donna

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