Monday, June 20, 2011

Boathouse Construction Starts Tomorrow!

I can't wait to get started in the morning.  I should probably be sleeping so I can keep up with Eric and Dad tomorrow but I've been researching and redesigning up to the last minute.

The Second Chance casement window find has elevated the project from a half enclosed, half screened, rustic shed into a more polished, fully enclosed version of my original vision and it's throwing me for a loop.  Also, the siding and roofing choices have changed several times for various reasons.  I'm just hoping it all comes together as a fun, hang-out space.

I don't want to ignore the fact that deconstruction happened on Friday.  Dad worked hard and I returned from swim team practice to a story of electrical arcing and flashes.  Apparently, the outlet in the old space was still live which Dad discovered while removing the metal wire staples.  After shutting down the circuit marked for the outlet, Dad almost got zapped while cutting the wire to the outlet.  Good thing we own mostly rubber handled tools!  Apparently, the previous home-owner was a real do-it-yourselfer and he tied the outlet into an unanticipated circuit.  Scary thing is...none of the circuits tripped either time!  I'd say a certain electrician has some work to do to figure this one out!

My Dad's the best!  He doesn't hesitate to live life on the edge helping his daughter with an improvement project.

P.S.  It looks so open and clean without that dilapidated old structure that I almost wish we weren't putting anything up in it's place.  Yikes!  But we need the boat storage and I can't wait for my first outdoor shower in my own yard  - so there's no stopping now!!!

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