Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is that our Shed?

Last post for now...and then I'll stop procrastinating in the delightful air conditioning and go back outside to beat on the wood pallets in the 90+ degree weather some more.

I can't find before pictures of our shed but I couldn't resist posting these "after" pictures.  I know it's just a shed but what a difference a few inexpensive materials and some sweat produced.  My Dad and I replaced the T-111 siding and fixed two holes in the roof with new shingles.  I painted.  And Steve lined the gaps with screen (to control at least some the critters from getting in there), edged the perimeter of the shed with stone, brick and pavers, and loaded everything neatly into the shed.  The angled bricks in the front were placed there temporarily to hold the brick perimeter in place until the Fall when we can regrade and seed.

I love getting organized.

The color of the shed may need to change next year to match the boat bar enclosure so I used some leftover Sherwinn Williams Wool Skein paint for now but at least it's got a nice new protective coating on it.  And the stone around the perimeter...what a great idea by my Dad to keep the dirt from kicking up onto the sides of the shed when it rains.

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