Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Barn Girls

I visited The Barn and The Barn Girls on Friday.  It was a gorgeous sunshine-filled day and I roamed for awhile.  I've been trying to fit in a few fun outings just for myself before Jackie graduates from preschool and the rest of the Summer weather is filled with pool-time and other 5-year-old activities (which, for the record, I enjoy as much - if not more - than my solo outings).

I can't believe I didn't take more pictures of all of the cool stuff at The Barn this past weekend but I was so wrapped up in taking it all in that I only whipped my camera out a few times.  One day, I'll also get a picture of that cool Barn sign!  Here are a few things I saw there.

I purchased a Pepsi crate to go with our Coke bottle
we dug up in our old yard in Ellicott City.
I told Betsy about The Barn and she went later that same day
and got an old screen with iron detailing.
Close up of iron detail.
Cool square galvanized tray.  Perfect for an upholstered ottoman.
Tin topped table cast iron table.
Tin detail.  I must get a better camera that adjusts better to different lighting conditions!
I met Cari for the first time at The Barn, talked to Gail about pendant lighting options for above the boat bar, and talked to Pam for awhile too (I hope to continue my discussion with Pam about how to get closer to becoming a Barn Girl, myself).
Fun or hoky?
Get it?  "Ball" lights?

I left with a wooden Pepsi crate and without my "Blossom" glass pendant necklace.  Turns out, Cari had a thing for the stained glass pendant necklace I was wearing that day and I sold it to her right off my neck.  She contacted me afterward with another order for some "Winter Surfs" and possibly a few more to sell in her Fall show in Southern MD.  
I hope to entice The Barn Girls with a few other projects I have up my sleeve too.  

~ Donna

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