Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pallet Progress

Remember the pallets stacked near the firewood?  I dove into a pallet project today because my dedicated husband came home from work last night and made quick work of dismantling a few more pallets for me so the pressure was on to produce something worthy of calling in for backup.

As a test, I started off by making a small 15"w x 14"h pallet "canvas" with scrap wood to see how it would take the paint and to see how to best approach freshening up the wood without completely covering the weathered charm.

Here's my funky rooster.  I decided to hang him above the stove because, as luck would have it, the size was perfect for the spot which I have been trying to fill for awhile now.

I was encouraged with the result.  Next up is a 4'w x 5'h duck panel for the new bar area.  I plan to use some color on the duck and, this time, the duck silhouette will be white with a colored background.

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