Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I scored some awesome vinyl casement windows at Second Chance today.  6 casement windows of various sizes for the bar shed for only $88.  It must be my new haircut (ala Donna) that inspired Tony to give me 75% off.  Either that or he felt sorry for me and thought I could use the savings to get a professional haircut.

They are in great shape and, because they don't need to be perfectly weather-tight, I felt comfortable using them in their recycled state.

The windows change the plan slightly.  Instead of screening one side, it will be completely enclosed with casement windows on all sides.  I'll need to get creative with the window configuration because of the various window sizes (2 square windows, 1 horizontal transom, 2 horizontal awning, and 1 large double casement) and the pitch of the shallow roof but I'm pretty sure I can make it work.  Heck, for $88, it was worth a try - right?

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