Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back to Mudroom

Eventually, I would like to find a shelving unit and use it with baskets for storage of shoes, mittens, etc. and position it behind the white slipcovered loveseat in the family room facing toward the hall/mudroom.  I'd like to find something low enough that could double as a bench to sit while putting on/taking off shoes. I feel like I've seen something at IKEA that might work but I need to do a little more research.  Something like this below except a contained unit not a bench.

Martha Stewart

For now, I will put my blue chipped farmhouse bench against the back of the loveseat with a boot tray next to it which doesn't solve the organization issue but at least we will have a place to sit and be able to keep our wet shoes off the wood floors.

my wood bench

I really like this idea to use a tray with pebbles to keep the water away from the bottom of the boots.  This will be in the room with the wood stove so a little extra humidity in the air is a good thing.

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