Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bath Table

I've been working away with not much to show for it.  Mostly painting.  And I'm not really changing colors but touching up so it's nothing that is worth photographing.

However, here's my instant gratification project of the week to feed my desire to see some results.  I came across this cute table on Craigslist with the perfect dimensions to fit in a tiny corner in the master bath.  It's configuration of shelves and a little drawer is perfect for that corner.

Here's the before...                              

...and the afters.  You can see that the finish isn't flat white, it's been distressed to show the charcoal undercoating and I sanded some areas right down to the wood.  I like the effect and have decided to try the same on my dining chairs (x6).  I may have to break out my sprayer for the chairs though.  Six dining chairs might be a little much considering the technique took 4 coats of paint.

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