Thursday, January 15, 2015

Need a little inspiration to get organized?  Try reading Japanese author, Marie Kondo's, book...The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which tries to get readers to focus on keeping belongings that inspire joy and pitching everything else.  I've read many organizing books and magazines over the years and I even follow a few organizing blogs (I guess I enjoy living vicariously through others because all of the advice I've read has never translated into an organized home for me) but there was something about this book that got me jump started.  It's a New York Times best seller and has been getting a lot of buzz in the press and it's a quick read.  Not that you can expect to visit my house and see perfectly tidy spaces yet...but I'm actually having fun tackling the mess! Oh, and I did have to make one adjustment to her criteria for what belongings you can keep.  Her only criteria is to keep only the things that bring you joy but I had to add "or things you use on a daily basis" because I just couldn't find the joy in my toothbrush and I haven't yet discovered a brand of underwear that "bring me joy".

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