Friday, February 15, 2013

Homemade Chalk Paint and the Chippendale Hutch

Thanks to my chalk paint research, the chippendale hutch I bought at Caplan's finally got it's long-awaited make-over.  I may distress it some a little bit more (one of the nice things about wax - I can sand more at anytime and just add more wax finish) but I will wait to get it upstairs before altering it.

I will share my chalk paint thoughts later but I wanted to get the pictures posted before I forget.  Now I wish I could find the before pictures!  Had I known I wouldn't be able to find them, I would have snapped a few before I went to town.

The hutch is now destined for the upstairs hallway to help out with linen closet overflow and to brighten the windowless space with a punch of white.

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