Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boathouse Update

Progress resumed on the boat house yesterday since the kids are now in camp for the next two weeks.  I've been priming the open framing for two days.  I started with the sprayer but, between technical difficulties and the HOT protective layers involved, I reverted back to old fashioned roller and brush.  That's A LOT of cutting in!  One coat of paint better do the trick because I don't have the patience for two more times around all of those 2 x 4's!  Yesterday was worse than today though - working with only the ventilation from the door was very sauna-like until S cut some window holes for me last night to provide more air flow today.  How convenient would that outdoor shower have been the past two days!

Wall on left will be white beadboard when complete.
The windows and door provide lots of light
With all of the white paint it's starting to have that crisp but rustic boathouse feel I was after.  

Stay tuned for more progress this week.  E returns to help tomorrow!

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