Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boathouse - Electrical and Lighting

I found my light fixtures and am now working out the details of the lighting and electrical plan.

I'm very pleased with the light fixtures.  They look nautical enough without being too over-the-top screaming boat theme.  And I found both at local box stores for under $30 per fixture (perfect lighting budget for a boat house).

Three of these will hang over the bar... (they look like brass in the picture but are actually brushed silver)

The garage bead board wall will be highlighted with track spot lights and we will have some sort of under counter lighting behind the bar.  Then the rest of the interior will be lamp light.

...and here are my exterior fixtures...They remind me of the lights you often see on the long fishing piers in the Carolinas.

They look eerily similar to these...sold at Barn Light Electric for $79.

The exterior lights will encircle the perimeter of the addition (2 on the back side and 1 each on the sides).  I love the fact that they provide subtle down light only, so having four of them on the sides of the addition won't be overpowering or blind our neighbors but will be enough to illuminate the way from the shower to the back garage door at night.  

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