Thursday, September 20, 2012's not Primer!

I preface this post by saying...I'm not proud. My neighbor was gracious enough to make me feel hip and resourceful when I called to ask if I could have the vintage wood storm door that was lying in a heap in her front yard. With some sanding, a new coat of paint, and a new screen panel, it adds some character and spunk to our cookie cutter, late 60's, builder-grade colonial. 

I was going for bright and spunky with the color - what do you think? .... mission accomplished? The crystal knob makes me very happy. And that color is going to sing in the dull winter season!

To my lovely neighbor who meant no harm by her comment...NO, IT'S NOT PRIMER!.  That's actually the color I  picked!  LOL.  And, for those who dare to come close enough to the sun without fear of getting scorched, the aqua blue ceiling will cool you down a little.

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