Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Trunk Show

I've been working steadily for several days now trying to get some product finished for The Blue Door.  I loaded what I have finished into the back of my car and am waiting for Karina to return from PA so I can deliver it to her shop.  In the meantime, I will continue to make more and I've invited neighbors to come for a sneak peak.

The Honda trunk - all loaded and ready to go.

I used to love singing this song to J, back when she could
tolerate my out of pitch singing.

The smaller signs were an experiment for me, one which
I mostly likely will not repeat.

Love the bright red against the weathered white.

Chartreuse, black and white - one of my
favorite color combos on this wall panel
designed to hold a dog leash.

Maryland Shore House - much easier to read
in person.

New crab design.  Still intricate and time
consuming.  I must come up with a more
stylized crab with simpler lines.

Off center anchor - whoops!
This little guy started out lonely.
...then I added the clock movement which
was better but I still wasn't happy.

This little piggy with the red "3" finally gets
my stamp of approval and is ready for market.  

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